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Kitchen Outlets Revamped

Living in an increasingly digital world means that the need for outlets in your house is greater than ever – and the kitchen is no exception. From charging cell phones to plugging in toasters, microwaves and blenders, the kitchen backsplash is a common and convenient spot for those outlets… but it also detracts from your countertops and interrupts your backsplash. We went on a quest to find better kitchen outlet design solutions. Here’s what we found:

Check out this power bar that pulls out from your counter.


Think about hiding your outlets with a fake drawer design.



An outlet built into a drawer acts as a perfect cell phone/camera charging station, keeping your countertops neat and clean.


A simple solution: relocate the outlets from the backslash to under your kitchen cabinets.


These design ideas offer aesthetic alternatives to adding those much needed extra outlets to your next kitchen! Hope you enjoy!


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