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Keeping your Kitchen Clean: Ideas and Advice

Kitchen renovations can be extremely costly, but are a worthwhile investment when done properly. Choosing materials that are aesthetically pleasing, practical and long lasting is a key component to increasing the value of your house.

The next step? Take good care of your kitchen and keep it clean! We’ve assembled some unique ideas to help keep your kitchen spotless.

1. When designing your kitchen, make use of the space under your sink. Install pull out cabinets to conveniently store everyday cleaning supplies like sponges and cloths. 



2. Avoid having the cupboard under your sink be a destination for junk by installing simple storage units like the ones shown below. 





3. We love this kitchen design idea! Turn the drawer above your garbage can into a cutting board with a small opening for easy waste disposal. Also, keep a roll of garbage bags in the bottom of your trash can for easy access. 



4. Many sink manufacturers also sell cutting boards to fit each sink model. This creates a great station for washing and cutting vegetables. Waste can be easily disposed of by installing a garburator into your sink. 



5. Lastly, every once in a while, this works too! Enjoy!




For more information on kitchen countertops, please visit:



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